As a client, I acknowledge that ‘Kang Group Services’ will receive documentation for all service requests, inquiries, or declinations for additional information, which may be included in my customer file. I understand that service requests will be processed by ‘Kang Group Services’ based on the information provided through this site, and I will receive confirmation of any changes to my coverage. I authorize these changes and accept responsibility for notifying ‘Kang Group Services’ in case of errors or misunderstandings.


  1. We ensure the privacy of client information and all personal dealings with clients.
  2. Service requests will be handled in good faith based on the information submitted. Confirmation of all service requests will be provided to the client, who must notify ‘Kang Group Services’ in case of errors to avoid liability.
  3. Clients are responsible for updating their email addresses and other information promptly. Any changes must be communicated to ‘Kang Group Services’ to maintain updated plans and prevent potential issues.
  4. Insurance terms, coverage descriptions, and other information provided on forms may not be exhaustive. It is the client’s responsibility to either contact customer service at ‘Kang Group Services’ or review their policy for comprehensive details.
  5. All information, whether insurance-related or not, provided on web pages is for general purposes and may not be current or comprehensive. ‘Kang Group Services’ is not liable for information on linked sites.
  6. No changes will be considered binding until the client receives confirmation from ‘Kang Group Services’ and has had sufficient time to review it satisfactorily.