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Obamacare, also referred to as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), addresses numerous gaps left by previous health systems. It encompasses the expansion of Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, doctor services, and patient hospital care, offering legally accessible plans to citizens. This initiative has enabled millions of low-income, previously uninsured individuals to obtain coverage. Additionally, consumers benefit from protection against penalties and enhanced access to quality healthcare.

We extend our services to Dallas, Plano, Irving, Collin, Denton, Ellis, Hunt, Kaufman, Rockwall counties, and beyond, ensuring individuals have access to comprehensive health insurance coverage under Obamacare.


Organized in four tiers, Obamacare provides Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum as four levels of coverage. Each tier represents different levels of cost-sharing.

While choosing a healthcare plan in Obamacare, it’s important to note that the categories are based on splits and quality of care is not compromised. Each tier has a linked average cost split. While the bronze plan is good for routine care for people near the federal poverty line, the deductible can run into a few thousand dollars every year.

On the other hand, Silver and gold plans typically have lower deductibles. The Bronze-tier plan covers 10 essential health benefits (EHBs) at this level, and has the lowest premium. This plan requires one to pay more out of pocket before the start of the insurance.

Platinum plans have the highest premiums, with your insurance generally paying for more & offer coverage for more health care services.

Choosing a metal-level plan that is right for you is important as it can determine your future healthcare spend. Obamacare metal level designations also make for easier plan comparison. There are many different plans to choose from, and most of them are available throughout the year. Get a Quote now or call us at +1-XXX-XXX-XXXX


We can help you find low-cost dental plans that are equally good for regular as well as preventive care. When looking for the most affordable policy, we suggest you get a plan that has high-deductibles to reduce out-of-pocket expenses while providing preventive care too.

It’s important to consider the benefits and limitations that are provided in a plan. Different plans cover different needs. A full-coverage plan covers the cost of preventive care procedures. The benefits of Kang Group dental insurance is that it pays for all types of dental services. A full coverage plan can lower the out-of-pocket expenses while providing all the basic services. You are free to choose any licensed dentist and is willing to accept payment through insurance. We can offer free quotes. Get a Quote now.


Obamacare changes your access to healthcare. Earlier, health insurance companies could exclude people with pre-existing conditions, this caused them to spend their own money on unnecessary medical bills. Those with the highest health costs would often go without coverage or had to settle for a policy that didn’t cover their pre-existing health condition. With Obamacare health insurance plans, they now can afford preventive as well as healthcare. Obamacare has significantly reduced the number of visits to emergency rooms and lowered the cost of healthcare.

Affordable care health insurance plans make it possible for all Americans to purchase health insurance. Previously, people with preexisting conditions could be refused healthcare service from the marketplace or charged higher rates. With Obamacare, people with pre-existing conditions will be able to buy coverage and apply for Medicaid subsidies. There are some restrictions – including those for Medicare beneficiaries. The plan must meet certain criteria to qualify for the subsidies.


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