Boat and watercraft insurance


Owning a boat in Dallas is an investment prone to accidental damage and regular wear and tear, much like other valuable possessions. Securing insurance for your watercraft is a wise decision. This type of coverage not only protects your boat but also the individuals aboard. When you obtain your watercraft insurance policy through us, we ensure you receive the best in terms of both price and coverage.

The right level of coverage ensures optimal protection, providing benefits that are invaluable in times of need. Insuring your watercraft is essential, whether you opt for a comprehensive plan or basic liability coverage. It safeguards you, your loved ones, and your valuable equipment, including life-saving gear. Additionally, you can choose to add watercraft coverage to your existing homeowners' insurance policy.

Watercraft insurance guarantees coverage for repair costs, loss, and damage to your boat. Many policies even include personal property coverage, which aids in repairing damaged boats. Bundling boat and watercraft insurance with other policies can often result in discounts, allowing you to save money while maintaining peace of mind.

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You should consider a variety of factors when selecting a policy. Among them, the level of coverage is important. A policy with comprehensive coverage will cover a boat’s motor and electrical equipment, while collision coverage will cover any injuries you suffer from an accident. Depending on your personal situation, you may need bodily injury liability coverage to cover medical expenses for yourself or your passengers. Another consideration is uninsured boater coverage, which pays if you are injured by another boater.

There are many factors to consider when choosing watercraft and boat insurance. In most cases, standard features are included in the policy. However, if you’ve installed expensive equipment, such as a GPS, the insurance company will likely cover the costs. Physical damage coverage also covers items onboard your watercraft, such as the outboard motor, sails, spars, and rigging. For example, if someone hits your boat, the insurance policy will cover the repairs.


You should get a watercraft and boat insurance policy if you are an avid boater. It is crucial to get adequate watercraft insurance coverage for your boat. If you don’t, you’ll be responsible for any damage that may occur. This is why it’s a good idea to have adequate coverage. It is vital to protect your boat from accidents and theft. If you have a policy that includes the latter, you will not have to worry about this.

A comprehensive policy will cover various physical damages, including theft and vandalism. Both collision and comprehensive coverage can be very beneficial, depending on your insurance policy. Most policies provide a standard liability coverage limit for boats and personal watercraft. For example, collision and comprehensive coverage can protect against various types of physical damage. Some policies will even include liability coverage. To get more information about our watercraft insurance plans, hit Get a quote, and our boat insurance agent will guide you in detail.